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Small Traders

We are in the midst of establishing the Koperasi Penjaja dan Peniaga Mikro Malaysia (KPPMM) to enhance the capability and financial strength among micro-enterprises.  It is also aimed to facilitate the business opportunities and promote business transformation among micro and small entrepreneurs.

The cooperatives will act as a vehicle for entrepreneurship and innovation in business. This will transform the way traditional small traders and hawkers conduct business while attracting the younger generation to venture into business.

Fabulous Food 1Malaysia 2016 (FF1M 2016), a mega food carnival event will be jointly organized by MCA Youth and the Federation of Hawkers’ And Petty Traders’ Association Malaysia between October and December 2016.

New Year’s Shopping Festival to promote unique local products in the new villages or kampung, thereby creating business opportunities for the local micro-enterprises, women and young creative talents.

Mobile Truck Project to assist young people to participate in food truck business. The Cooperative will provide one-stop solution for young people to run food truck business nationwide.

E-Commerce Platform. KPPMM will work together with major e-commerce merchants such as GEMFIVE to create a local product zone in their respective platforms to help micro enterprises and young entrepreneurs to list their local/ homemade products online.